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Whether it’s for your shower, your kitchen, or an accented statement in your home decor, you can count on Jackson Tile to get the job done. With many years of experience in the tile industry, we are constantly incorporating the best products that make for quality installation and high customer satisfaction. We want you to have tile that looks stunning and lasts a lifetime.


We are not set in our ways, either. There are many modern advancements to the methods and materials used in the tile industry. It’s our endeavor to learn about these developments and implement them appropriately.

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Other Specialties

Shower Systems

A Shluter shower systems consist of several individual components that, when properly installed, act collectively to form a bonded and watertight system for tile showers. This can help to reduce or eliminate the risk of failure due to both vapor and water penetration.


Jackson Tile has been trained and certified to properly install Schulter shower systems. You can have peace of mind that your brand new shower installation utilizes advances in modern technology and craftsmanship to help it last. We want your shower to function just as well as the day it was installed– for years to come.

Electric radiant DITRA-HEAT

Today, most new construction incorporates hydronic radiant heat. However, where this is not possible, you can still enjoy comfortable, warm tiles in your shower installation.


Like its counterpart DITRA-MAT, DITRA-HEAT provides an uncoupling, waterproofing, and vapor management layer. This reduces and potentially eliminates the major cause of cracking and delaminating of most tiled surfaces

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