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About Jeffery Cutts

I started in this business over four decades ago but Jackson Tile was officially started in 1998. I am the sole proprietor. I have no employees. And do not own a store. I love the challenge. No two jobs are ever alike. I enjoy working with designers, home-owners and contractors. Some of my work has been featured in leading magazines.

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About Jackson Tile

I started in the field of construction painting and wallpapering, drywall finishing, carpet and floor vinyl. The technical and durable aspect of tile has satisfied my interest to skillfully work with materials and execute the most complicated designs beautifully. Attention to quality and an eye for detail.

 In recent years there has been many advancements to the methods and materials used in the industry. It has been my endeavor to learn about these developments and implement the appropriate product and method to the installation.

Our Certifications

CTEF, Anderson, SC

CERTIFICATION: ANSI Ceramic Tile A137, Installation A108, Setting Materials A118, Waterproofing, expansion joint and shower pan installation.

Instructor: David M. Gobis, Executive Director


CERTIFICATION: Uncoupling, Floor Drains and Waterproofing.

Instructor: Peter Nielsen Technical Director

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